On your adventure to the west coast, the Fraser Valley offers so much more than fabulous sport fishing. Reel Sturgeon Adventures BC has developed packages that offer a chance to combine your fishing adventure with a chance to view some of the most beautiful scenery the Fraser Valley has to offer.

Sturgeon Fishing

These beautiful fish are some of the strongest, most powerful, freshwater fish you can hook up to! Reaching 11-12 feet and weighing up to 1000 lbs, once you hook one you won’t want to stop. It is highly addictive and exciting for all ages.

These fish love to jump, which is my favorite part. Sturgeon fishing is our passion and we specialize in knowing how these fish feed, and what their habits are. This gives us the edge we need to be able to hook a big one. That’s what makes us such good sturgeon anglers. Come give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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Salmon Fishing

Every year millions of salmon make their way back into the Fraser River and its tributaries. There is nothing better than hooking one of these hard fighting fish on spinning gear and hearing that reel scream. Even better, is getting to take it home and put in on the grill.

There are 5 different species and they will arrive at different times of the year, so it is best to contact us for details and we will design a salmon adventure that suits you best.

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Jet Boat Tours

If you want to experience what beautiful British Columbia has to offer and enjoy taking pictures, this could be the adventure for you! We offer 1 hour to 4 hour trips up the Fraser River into the Harrison River.

In late fall, there are hundreds of Bald Eagles feeding on salmon and it is amazing to see. Once we reach Harrison Lake, there are 2 beautiful waterfalls to choose from that are stunning at anytime of the year.

– A BBQ lunch is also offered on 4 hour trips.


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